Q: How do I assemble my Catering Crate?

A: Assembly instructions should be included in your case of Catering Crates. If that is not around, simply fold in the two flaps toward the center. Fold the perpindicular flap over these two and tuck the tabs into the two slots at the bottom of the crate. Repeat on the other other, and with the other half of the crate. It's very similar to folding up a pizza box!

Q: How can I get the most use out of my Catering Crate?

A: To get the most out of your Catering Crate, we suggest covering the top of your aluminum pans with a sheet of plastic film. This will prevent saucier dishes from leaking into your crate. Catering Crates have a telescoping lid which can accomodate up to a 4" deep pan securely and effectively!


Q: Can I customize the design on my Catering Crates?

A: Custom designs are available for the Catering Crate. A minimum order of 1000 units along with a design fee is required. For more information please contact us at john@cafepacific.com