Improve your drop-off caterings

The Catering Crate is an attractive, affordable, and practical alternative to wire chafing dishes and Sternos.

Created for caterers by caterers—initially a personal solution to the available options for transport and service,

John and Amy quickly saw the potential of the Catering Crate and wanted to share their innovation with the industry.






Less headaches

  • Saves Money - With a cost-effective price, work in the cost of leaving your Catering Crates without breaking your client's budget!
  • Saves Time - Deliver it and leave it! There's no need to pick it up because it's recyclable, if your client doesn't find another use for it.


More high fives

  • Doubles Deliveries - Food stays hot/cold longer and takes up less space in your vans so your drivers can stay out longer, making more deliveries.
  • Looks Great - In any setting this an attractive way to display your cuisine. Comes in both white and kraft. Your drop-off buffets will stand out against your competitor's!